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Are you Looking for a profit? How much money do you think you could earn if you had the inside connection? Join the Number #1 Sports Handicapping Service in the industry based out of Reno, Nevada. Nevada is the Mecca for the high rolling gamblers, the Central Hub for sports betting information, the Headquarters and Home of the Infamous Odds Makers and Line Setters.

Do you want Real Insider tips for betting sports? You might want to consider the fact we have been in business for Over 25 years in Nevada.

You don’t make it as long as we have in this business without being damn good at what you do. We’re not only good, but we’re some of the best in the industry. 5starPicks is your personal access to Nevada’s slew of  75+ Top-Rated Handicappers, with 30 or more being Ex-Wall Street’s sharpest minds, delivering precision Picks at exactly the right moment. Every day, 5starPicks offers a wealth of insight, analysis and strategy for all styles of sports bettors. We will put you in the most profitable position in sports gambling. Our team secret over the years has always been the same… Maximize your wins and minimize your losses!…

While past performance is just an indication — not a guarantee — we believe our information is among the most likely to deliver top rated performance in the future as well. Our track record speaks for itself.  Our stable of professionals sportsbrokers and handicappers will provide guidance ranging from technical and statistical analysis for momentum swinging Bankroll movements. We know when to play them, and we know when to fade them, and we also know when it’s time to parlay em. Straight bets, totals,  parlays, favorites and underdogs on the Moneyline. We will put you in the most profitable position in sports gambling. Life is 20 percent about what happens to you and 80 percent about how you react to it. To state the obvious, we haven’t been in business since 1988 by getting lucky.

Small Investment, Big Potential!

Are you tired of handicapping your own games based off of the information in your local newspaper or what your buddies opinions are? Have you been listening to some wet behind the ears Run-of-the-Mill espn insider?  How about the wanna be handicappers on a 2 bit internet forum giving you their best guesses? Or social media networks like twitter and instagram?  The wait is over!  You have finally found the destination set for the serious Sports Gamblers and Investors. It’s time for you to make an investment.  Here at 5starPicks we provide the latest inside information on games.  We bring to you the most real information in sports gambling.  Forget about field conditions, wind factors and an injury report. Stop analyzing the travel time a college football team made to have a showdown with a conference rival.  

Stop everything you’re doing now!  Stop Guessing, and start investing!

It’s time to MAKE SOME MONEY!  Real businessmen (Sports Gamblers) understand one thing. It takes MONEY to make MONEY! Period! That’s the bottom line. You’re never going to win for FREE. They only way to make money is to work with professionals who have been in the business for over 2.5 decades. Here at 5starPicks we have the connections and resources to deliver winner after winner. We are your inside connection to every Sports handicapper and Handicapping service in America. We get the best information money can buy.

This is what we call 5 Star Treatment. You won’t find that anywhere else in this business.

When it comes to personal finance and the accumulation of wealth, few subjects are more talked about than sports gambling. It’s easy to understand why. Winning a big bet is thrilling, and making a 1 month salary in 2 hours is even better. On this financial roller-coaster ride, we all want to experience the ups without the downs.

Before you explore the underworld of sports handicapping methodologies, we should address the biggest misconception. Many Sports gamblers new to the sports betting scene believe that there is some infallible strategy that, once followed, will guarantee success. 


There is no foolproof system for picking winners!   Winning isn’t about what you know. it’s about who you know………..

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